The Next 5 Years: Building Our ‘Mastery’ Production Line

Nicholas Puri – The Next 5 Years (Duomo Initiative And PuriCassar AG)

In my last post (the first one on this new blog) I explained why I’ve decided to start documenting what goes on in my world. That was the first of what I believe are the ‘essential’ posts I need to write, to explain the current picture, before we can get stuck into the day-to-day ins and outs of running and growing a company.

In the next few posts I’ll explain a bit about what we are doing in the company, why we are doing it and how we got to this stage. Since there are so many misconceptions, speculations and assumptions floating around, I thought it would be a good idea to hear the truth straight from the horse’s mouth.

For now, we’ll start with what we are working hard to achieve at The Duomo Initiative over the short to medium term (1-5 years). I’ll leave the extreme long-term vision (10+ years) for another day, as something of that magnitude deserves a post of its own.

A Mastery Production Line

If I had to sum up what The Duomo Initiative is trying to achieve over the next five years, I would say that we are aiming to build a modern and iconic online learning experience for adult students, as a viable alternative to traditional institution-based routes. We will do this by offering vocational and skill specific courses that create an immersive, engaging and optimised learning model.

Essentially, we are striving to build a ‘mastery’ production line. We will be working with leading experts from various industries and academic areas to package their knowledge and expertise in a standardised style that is designed for full engagement from the student and an optimised learning process.

This will allow the student to build towards a level of mastery, without having to worry about the structure of their learning. They must simply put in the effort, time and commitment.

By this point, you’re probably sitting there thinking:

“Wow, that’s a pretty ambitious goal for a finance company whose only foray into education has been teaching their own method of trading the markets!”.

You would be right to think that. But our unique angle is exactly what makes this vision a possibility. Let me explain…

Proving the Model (Phase 1)

I’ve personally gained a level of mastery with financial trading that has allowed me to perform at a consistently high level in all markets. I have certainly exceeded the 10,000-hour rule for mastering a complex skill, which has been reflected in my ability and performance.

The challenge with The Duomo Initiative was whether it would be possible to transfer that knowledge to a mass audience and teach more people. This meant not only being able to break down my own approach, but also being able to explain it in a way that allows other people to learn too.

This is what we have called ‘phase 1’. Proving the educational model we developed actually works.

Although the style and delivery will not suit everyone, the clear majority has enjoyed it and provided extremely positive feedback. In fact, I have been humbled on more than one occasion to read emails from members stating that our course has been the best learning experience for them, not just in trading, but in any subject.

Expanding the Model (Phase 2)

This then brings us on to ‘phase 2’, which has two key elements to it.

The first element is to include new subjects to our offering. Since The Duomo Method (our flagship course) was developed using our proprietary knowledge, there is always a risk that courses based on other people’s knowledge or academic subjects will not be as positively received or unique.

Introducing new courses also brings the challenges of how to source the right experts, how to extract their knowledge in a way that’s detailed enough for a course and how to adapt it into the Duomo style.

To do this, we are starting off with subjects that are related to the work we already do. This includes areas such as: equity analysis, portfolio management and economics. This will then lead to courses that are outside our internal areas of expertise.

When we speak of ‘experts’, we are really referring to some of the leading minds in these subjects. We don’t just want to attract someone that knows the topic, we want someone that is a leading expert.

It goes without saying that this approach comes with many obstacles and challenges, but the outcome will be a huge step towards providing educational courses that offer effective learning methods, while inspiring the students. This will lead them to building a genuine passion for the subject; one of the key ingredients for achieving mastery in any area.

This brings me onto the second element of phase 2, which is to fully optimise the learning process.

We currently have a unique style and approach which has allowed our content to be engaging, as well as making the learning process more enjoyable and easy to follow. However, we now want to take this a step further and optimise the learning process as much as possible.

Skill and knowledge can be built in an accelerated way if you base all learning models around the scientific and psychological findings of the most efficient approach, which has now been widely documented. In short, we want to structure all lessons, activities and practice sessions around these optimised models, so our students will have the clearest and most efficient path to success. All they need to do is be dedicated enough to commit their time and energy to the process.

Innovation Starts with a Vision

These might sound like very bold ambitions for the company, when you consider our current position within the education industry. However, if there’s one thing I know about the company and myself,  it’s that we always make things happen!

Imagine 5 years from now, being able to take a course in something you’ve always wanted to learn…

Imagine if that course makes the learning feel effortless, fun and engaging…

Imagine if you knew that by committing fully to the course, you would be on the smoothest and quickest path to success…

That’s something which is extremely compelling to me!

I like to imagine my nephew growing up, being able to learn about anything he wants to, in a way that really speaks to him. When you have a vision that compelling, it makes it easy to put in the work to execute it.

I look forward to telling you more about the longer-term vision in one of my coming posts. If you think what you’ve read so far is ambitious and potentially innovative, prepare to have your mind blown!

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  1. Hi Nicholas,

    I think your vision is really great and a lot of people would like the approach of learning you’re trying to create! Myself included 🙂
    Good luck!

    Sorry for my bad English, I’m from Switzerland.


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